Download and install

You can use any Username and Password you like (Never forget the password!):
Email field is optional (You can update it later). If you use your Gmail here, then you can login later using Google Login

Activate notification backup


You can manage even multi devices by using the same username & password when installing on all your devices. Backup connection setting can be changed later at Edit device page. The best results you have, if you uncheck "backup on wifi connection only". In this case, all your logs will be uploaded to your account on all internet connections (Wifi, 3G, 4G, LTE...)

For security, you can also hide this app icon at edit device page


Access your account on the website

Login with your username & password and after installation the app on the phone it can takes several minutes, until all messages are uploaded.


Multi-device: Pay one use all:


You can also click on the map icon file_b9l1yz6n.png (if available) to see where the phone was located, when the message or call was made.



Call recording & Record now

The record function may not supported on some phones.

Note: if you can't play the record on the web, please download it and play with KLite codec:

Deactive your app remotely

You can activate and deactivate the app from at Edit device page.

Uninstall the app directly on the phone
You can uninstall the app by following this guide

Update the app to the latest version
You can update the app by following this guide

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